Friday, February 3, 2012

Murderous Stare

I was finally able to find the Giorgo Armani Eyes to Kill eyeshadow. I've heard and read a lot about it so I was anxious to give it a try. They are available at the downtown Vancouver Holt Renfrew, the only place in BC that actually sells Armani cosmetics.

Anyways, I was flabbergasted when the saleslady told me how much that teeny tiny container of eyeshadow is. It came out to $47.50 after taxes. Keep in mind that the Naked palette is $50 USD. That being said, you can understand why I'm unable to justify the cost for this one eyeshadow.


So I got shade number 6: Khaki Pulse. It's a beautiful golden bronze color with subtle hints of green.

"6 - Khaki Pulse"


Despite the ridiculous price, I absolutely LOVE this eyeshadow. (This is dangerous because once I like one thing from a certain brand or line or collection, I end up buying more.) It goes on beautifully, does not crease and wears well throughout the day. Even just touching it is a magical experience. It's like touching powdered silk/cashmere. Lol. (Well, it is silk eyeshadow)

On my eyes
 So that is what it looks like on my actual eyelids. In this picture, I'm wearing only Urban Decay's primer potion underneath the eyeshadow. The pigmentation is great, I don't think that you need to use a base. It is very shimmery yet still appropriate for day time wear. I think that it's just the prettiest eyeshadow in existence. I look forward to playing around with it more and creating different looks.

Foundation: Make Up For Ever HD Foundation
Eyes: Giorgo Armani Eyes to Kill #6
Mascara: Covergirl Lash Blast Volume
Lips: Revlon Lip Butter in 'Lollipop'

If you like this eyeshadow but cannot shell out $50, try the L'Oreal Infallible Eyeshadows. They are similar in formulation and have an array of nice shades. Of course the drugstore counterpart doesn't even come close to the real thing, but the L'Oreal ones are the next best thing. You can also try the MAC pigments if you like how this looks on the eyes.

To sum up, I was thinking about returning this eyeshadow, but after putting it on...I simply cannot even think about giving it up. It's my new favorite, and I'm definitely going to pick up the other shades. It's unfortunate though, that they are all shimmery. I wish that they also came out with matte shades. Then again, I'd go completely yeah.

Anyways, thanks for reading! :)

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